In addition to providing a digital library, TreeBASE serves the scientific community by offering journal editors and reviewers special advanced anonymous access to submitted data. This access improves the quality of the review process because reviewers can inspect and evaluate the data, and in turn that also improves the quality of data in TreeBASE. Below is a list of journals that recommend or require submission to TreeBASE as an integral part of their publication policies. We encourage other journals and scientific societies to do the same because archiving and sharing of scientific data is critical for promoting subsequent reuse of published data, leveraging the cumulative knowledge of science, and maximizing the impact of scientific publications on future research.

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American Naturalist"American+Naturalist"


Cryptogamie Algologie"Cryptogamie+Algologie"

Cryptogamie Bryologie"Cryptogamie+Bryologie"

Cryptogamie Mycologie"Cryptogamie+Mycologie"

European Journal of Plant Pathology"European+Journal+of+Plant+Pathology"


Evolutionary Applications"Evolutionary+Applications"

Fungal Biology"Fungal+Biology"

IMA Fungus"IMA+Fungus"

Invertebrate Systematics"Invertebrate+Systematics"

Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management"Journal+of+Fish+and+Wildlife+Management"

Journal of Heredity"Journal+of+Heredity"

Molecular Ecology"Molecular+Ecology"

Molecular Ecology Resources"Ecology+Resources"


Mycologial Progress"Mycologial+Progress"

Mycologial Research"Mycologial+Research"




North American Fauna"North+American+Fauna"

Organisms, Diversity, and Evolution"Organisms+Diversity+&+Evolution"



Plant Disease"Plant+Disease"

PLoS Currents ToL"PLoS+Currents:+Tree+of+Life"



Studies in Mycology"Studies+in+Mycology"

Systematic Biology"Systematic+Biology"

Systematic Botany"Systematic+Botany"

Tropical Bryology"Tropical+Bryology"

Other Journals with a Significant Presence in TreeBASE: Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden; Biological Journal of the Linnean Society; BMC Evolutionary Biology; Canadian Journal of Botany; Cladistics; Fungal Diversity; International Journal of Plant Sciences; Journal of Phycology; Molecular Biology and Evolution; Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution; Plant Systematics and Evolution; Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America; Proceedings of the Royal Society B; Taxon; Zootaxa