Naturalis Naturalis Biodiversity Center is the natural history museum of the Netherlands and the national center for biodiversity research. Since 2016, Naturalis graciously hosts the TreeBASE web application and database on its computing infrastructure.

NESCentThe National Evolutionary Synthesis Center (NESCent) is a national center sponsored by NSF with the mission of facilitating synthetic research in evolutionary biology. Through a partnership with CIPRES and TreeBASE, NESCent has served, deploy, maintained, and hosted TreeBASE until its move to Naturalis.

Dryad Dryad is an open digital repository of author-submitted published data which supports many journals in evolutionary biology and ecology. Metadata in TreeBASE is being harvested and mirrored by Dryad using the TreeBASE OAI-PMH service. Metadata for existing TreeBASE records is being enriched through manual and semi-automated mechanisms. Dryad is also forwarding phylogenetic data depositions to TreeBASE at the request of the author. These activities are funded by NSF DBI 0743720: "A Digital Repository for Preservation and Sharing of Data Underlying Published Works in Evolutionary Biology."

uBio TreeBASE currently makes use of uBio's taxonomic name services to match taxon labels in submitted trees and matrices against uBio's dictionary of nomenclature. TreeBASE further uses this mapping to acquire and store NCBI taxids. In prior years, TreeBASE has provided a bulk list of its taxonomy to uBio in order to store links to TreeBASE, and there are plans to automate this procedure in the future.

NSF Many thanks to the National Science Foundation for their valuable support.